ModelE rundeck

A rundeck (a file with an extension .R) is a file which contains a complete description of a particular model run, including the description of model code used and run-time parameters. Directory modelE/templates contains typical rundecks which can be used as examples.

Rundeck structure

Rundeck consists of a number of sections describing different aspects of the run. Each section starts with certain keywords (like "Object modules:") and terminates either with "End ..." statement or with the start of a new section. The sections are supposed to follow in a pre-defined order and can't be interchanged, though some unneeded sections can be skipped. The character ! starts a comment. Everything to the right of ! until the end of the line is ignored. Here is the list of rundeck sections in proper order:

Any text after the last section is considered a comment and is ignored.

Run name and comment

The first line of this section should start from the name of this rundeck (including .R) and contain short information on the run (no more than 80 characters). The rest of this section is a comment.

Preprocessor Options

Starts with the line

Preprocessor Options
and ends with the line
End Preprocessor Options
This section should contain all preprocessing definitions you want to be set in the code. Keep in mind that these preprocessing options are passed by means of creating a file rundeck_opts.h which is included from the source files. When adding preprocessing instructions to a source file one should make sure that rundeck_opts.h is included at the start of this file.

Run Options

Starts with the line

Run Options
This section contains options for setting a proper environment before startting a model run. Only one option is currently supported:
STACKSIZE=stack size in KB>
which sets a corresponding stack size. Currenlly if the default stack size is bigger than the one requested this option is
  • ignored.

    Object modules

    Starts with a line

    Object modules:
    This section lists all the source files from modelE/model which have to be compiled with current executable. Only basename of these files should be given (no suffix). If more than one source file with the same basename is present in modelE/model directory the search is done in the following order: *.f, *.F90, *.c . For each source file one can specify individual compilation options which will be appended to the compilation command. These options are specified between "||" after the file name, for example " MODELE |-O0 -g| " . The files located inside "Components" should not be listed in this section.


    Starts with a line

    This section lists all "Components" (the subdirectories of modelE/model) which have to be compiled with the executable. Keep in mind that each Component will be compiled into a library which will be then linked with the main executable. As a result in a case of a name conflict (more than one subroutine with the same name is present) the preference will be given to the one located in modelE/model directory.

    Component Options

    Starts with a line

    Component Options:
    This section lists specific options which have to be passed to certain components. For each Component the options are listed on a single line as follows
    OPTS_<ComponentName> = <Opt1>=<X> <Opt2>=<Y>
    where Opt1, Opt2 are variabes to be set and X, Y are corresponding values. The instruction above is equivalent to setting Opt1=X, Opt2=Y at the start of <ComponentName> Makefile. There is a special debugging option OVERWRITE_FSRCS which can be passed to any component (which uses If this option is set to a list of source files, these files will be used when compiling the component (instead of the ones specified inside the component Makefile). The use of this option is discouraged for the production runs though (which should use the source files specified by the component itself). Similar option OVERWRITE_F90SRCS can be used to specify F90 files.

    Data input files

    Starts with a line

    Data input files:
    This section lists all the input files used by the current executable. The files are listed in the form
    <short_name>=<path to the actual file>
    where <short_name> is the name of the file used in the code and <path to the actual file> is the path to the actual input file. The pass is specified with respect to GCMSEARCHPATH directory, unless it starts with "/" in which case it is an absolute path.

    Label and Namelist

    Starts with a line

    Label and Namelist:
    And consists of a single line which starts with the name of the run which is followed by a short description. This section may follow by (now obsolete) instruction
    where <time_step> is a fall-back time step (s) which the model should use if it discovers internal instability.

    Run-time parameters

    Starts with a line

    and ends with a line
    This section contains all run-time parameters which have to be passed to the model. Parameters shoud be listed one per line in the form
    where <param_name> is the name of the parameter as it is used in the model code. <param_value> is its numerical value. In case of an array <param_value> is a coma-separated list of values. Values should be of the same type as the parameter they are assigned to (as it is declared in the model code).

    Restart and timing parameters

    Starts with a line

    This section contains the fortran namelist for the timing and restart parameters. By default these should be set to start the model from some kind of initial conditions and run it for one hour of model time (for "make setup ...").