Getting the code form GISS repository

The source code for modelE is stored in a repository on under control of the Git version control system. If you are a modelE developer and need a full write access to the repository please click here for instructions on how to get it. Once you set up your access to simplex, you can get modelE source code ("clone" the repository) with

git clone
where username_on_sumplex is your username on simplex.

If you are an active user (or a developer who doesn't need a write access) and you need a read access to the repository for automatic updates of your code, you can use an HTTP access to the repository. You still need a web password for simplex to use it (contact modelE core development team to get one). Once you have a password you can clone the modelE source code with

GIT_SSL_NO_VERIFY=true git clone modelE_foo
(may not work with older version of Git).

Finally, if you are a regular user who works only with "stable" releases of the model or who wants to try the latest snapshot of the development code, but doesn't need an interactive communication with the repository, you can download the tar file of the modelE source code form