Downloading necessary input files

We store all input files used in our modelE simulations on a server at GSFC. One can browse (and manually download) them here: 
But typically it is much more convenient to use a script which automatically downloads all necessary input files for a particular rundeck. The command (executed from modelE/decks)
    ../exec/get_input_data -w <RunID>
will download all input files needed for the run described by <RunID>.R and will store them in a subdirectory <RunID>_data. Actually, if you have write access to the directory which stores modelE input files on your computer, it is even more convenient to provide this directory to get_input_data script. In this case it will automatically update input files in this directory as necessary for <RunID>.R rundeck. If you used the default location for ModelE_Support directory, then modelE input files are stored in the directory $HOME/ModelE_Support/prod_input_files/ on your computer. So, to update it for <RunID>.R rundeck you have to execute
    ../exec/get_input_data -w <RunID> $HOME/ModelE_Support/prod_input_files
This will download only the files which are missing in prod_input_files directory. If you want to overwrite some of the exhisting files, you have to delete them first.